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The Videos


‘Mind’ is a series of videos that promotes self-awareness in pupils and is a great starting point for any sport psychology work. These videos are designed to help pupils observe and pay more attention to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Getting to know yourself

Get good at noticing​

Unique strengths in Me

Strengths – How to use them


‘Drive’ is a series of videos that aims to get pupils curious about their internal energy force that determines all aspects of their behaviour. These videos are designed to help pupils see the value of setting effective goals and learning what drives them to do what they do.

Setting goals

Getting better at what you do



‘Feelings’ is a series of videos to help and support pupils with learning more about their emotions and feelings. The series focuses on strategies to help manage difficult feelings and ways to increase self-confidence.

What are Emotions?

Dealing with Difficult Emotions




‘Talk’ is a series of videos all about communicating with others and in groups. The videos aim to give pupils specific strategies and formulas to communicate effectively and solve problems and conflicts.


Working in a group

Solving problems

Managing Conflict


‘Me’ is a series of videos designed to engage pupils to think about themselves, how they can work on self-developing, taking responsibility and looking after themselves. The aim is to promote and celebrate their individuality and be proud of who they are.




Be Your Own Person