Danielle Spurling

We used School Sport Psychology at the start of each lesson and it became a springboard for a positive mindset and how they as learners can be engaged in whatever activity the class is doing.  I was delighted to see the students thinking about how they would react to different challenges and displaying resilience when […]

Dr Josephine Perry, psychologist and author

School Sport Psychology is a fun and imaginative way to bring psychology into primary schools. What an opportunity for PE teachers to further develop cognitive, communicative, and social skills alongside physical skills in their lessons.

Stuart Gallagher

Simple, enjoyable and ultimately transferable beyond sport into everyday life.

Nirosha Attale

I think this is a very simple, tangible way to teach children growth mindset skills for life. They learn the theory behind the tools and can apply them in the upcoming lesson. It’s a great model and lends itself so well to PE. I will certainly pass it on to the PE Lead at my […]

Primary teacher and keen Triathlete!

What a fabulous resource and fantastic way to introduce children to the world of sport psychology. The videos are engaging, and the teacher notes easy to use. A rare resource that you can truly pick up and go.

Sue Arnold

There is growing recognition of the importance of wellbeing and mental health. As well as the need for services to support people in times of difficulty, there is a really important place for helping children to grow up with resilience and strategies for keeping themselves well, both mentally and physically. This programme provides ample opportunity […]

Claire McDonnell

People often think of Physical Education as just being about the physical development of children but it is so much more than this. PE can support children’s social, emotional and cognitive development and help build important life skills. The School Sport Psychology programme helps make these wider outcomes an explicit focus for PE lessons with […]